GLAS-WRAP Fiberglas Fabric Mesh by Royston

GLAS-WRAP Fiberglas Fabric Mesh by Royston
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What It Is

Royston Glas-Wrap is an open-weave fiberglass fabric mesh used to reinforce Royston Roskote Cold Applied Mastics and to protect against mechanical abrasion. The fabric yarns are made of pure glass -- fine, flexible, smooth, cylindrical, non-cellular and non-hygroscopic.

What It Does

Royston Glas-Wrap used in conjunction with Royston Roskote Mastics provides a fast, easily applied, economical coating system for protecting underground steel pipe and other products against corrosion. The extremely high tensile strength of Glas-Wrap insures maximum resistance to mechanical damage, and its open weave facilitates solvent evaporation and complete fusion of successive coats of Roskote Mastic. Glas-Wrap resists moisture, acids, alkalis, fuels, solvents, oils, salts and other chemicals. It is unaffected by heat and cold and long exposure to varying climatic conditions. Glas-Wrap is coated with a thin primer which improves adhesion and prevents the possibility of skin irritation caused by shedding of minute glass fiber particles.

Where to Use It

The Glas-Wrap / Roskote Mastic System is ideal for underground protection of welded joints of mill coated pipe and for patching damaged areas of coated pipe. The system may be machine applied or hand applied to line pipe and hydraulic lift cylinder casings. It is frequently used on underground tanks and storage vessels, and on fittings and irregularly shaped metal structures. Although Royston Glas-Wrap is customarily used with Roskote Mastics, it may also be used with coatings supplied by other manufacturers.

How to Use It

The first step is to clean the metal surface by wire brushing or other suitable method and to apply a coat of Royston Roskote Mastic without thinning. Allow the Roskote to dry to the touch, which requires about 20 to 35 minutes, depending on which mastic is used and on application temperature. This amount of drying is necessary before proceeding further to prevent the Glas-Wrap from pulling through the coating to the metal surface. From this point there are two alternate procedures in common use:
  • Apply Glas-Wrap by hand or by machine, using only enough tension to prevent wrinkling and to conform to the surface. Do not force Glas-Wrap through the coating to the metal surface. Then apply a second coat of Roskote.
  • Apply a second coat of Roskote and then apply Glas-Wrap while the coating is still wet or after it has dried to the touch. When using this method, put enough tension on Glas-Wrap to embed the mesh in the coating.
Back filling may be done when the second coat of Roskote has had one to one and one-half hours drying time. If it is necessary to backfill before the mastic is dry, apply pipeline felt for additional protection.

Yarn Count

The yarn count of the Royston Glas-Wrap mesh fabric is 10 per inch for both warp and filling, commonly abbreviated to 10 x 10. When Glas-Wrap was first introduced several years ago the yarn count was 24 x 24, but at the request of most users 10 x 10 was adopted as the standard. The finely woven 24 x 24 mesh tends to prevent the two coats of Roskote from fusing together, while the open weave of the 10 x 10 mesh permits the fusion to take place readily. The tensile strength of either weave is many times in excess of that required for reinforcement purposes.