Fink Bonder Test Station by Cott

Fink Bonder Test Station by Cott
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The FINK Bonder ® patented resistance bonding circuit, factory installed in Cott's Big FINK ® electrical enclosure, is a field proven versatile and inexpensive method for reducing or eliminating stray current interference from cathodic protection installations.

Made by Cott Manufacturing Company and readily available Farwest Corrosion Control Company, FINK Bonder ® resistance bond circuits are custom designed to combat stray currents at:

  • Foreign pipeline crossings
  • Deep production or storage well and gathering system interface
  • Direct current transit, mining or industrial sites
  • High voltage DC transmission systems
  • Foreign pipeline/CP anode ground bed junctions.



The Big FINK ® enclosure is molded of Lexan ®, one of the world's toughest plastics — protects resistors, shunts, meters and other circuit components from accidental damage or environmental attack. Perfect for H2S or seawater exposure.

  • Four times the impact strength of aluminum.
  • One-half the weight of aluminum.
  • One-eighth the weight of steel.
  • Will not rust, corrode, shock, shatter, peel or absorb heat.
  • Maintenance free — no painting.
  • Has dimensional and electrical stability from -60oF to +250oF
  • Stable under ultraviolet attack.
  • Non-metallic design greatly reduces shock hazard.
  • Available in your choice of colors — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white and black.
  • Color stabilized against ultraviolet attack.


  • All FINK ® resistance bond enclosures can be mounted on 3", 2", 1-1/4" or 3/4" COTT Pipe ® or on specially designed Cott brackets (304 stainless or PVC fluidized bed coated carbon steel) that mount to any flange, wall or post.
  • Compact design (3" x 5") is perfect for restricted space applications.
  • Mounting brackets are pre-drilled for lead wire access — all holes have grommets — self contained shield prevents insect infestation.


  • Each custom designed factory assembled circuit is fully tested and ready for installation (over 50 standard models available).
  • Electrical connections are all hard soldered.
  • Calibrated heat sinks installed during assembly.
  • All hardware and connectors are nickel plated brass for long service life.
  • Conforms to NEMA specifications.
  • Can be ordered with an integral locking device.
  • FINK ® Enclosures: Lexan ®
  • Machine screws, washers, hex nuts and wire connectors — nickel plated brass (stainless steel optional).
  • Mounting Brackets — PVC fluid bed coated, carbon steel (304 stainless steel optional).
  • COTT Pipe ® ultraviolet stabilized high density polyethylene available in a variety of colors to match FINK ® enclosures.