EZ Wrap by Viscotaq

EZ Wrap by Viscotaq
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Visotaq ViscoWrap is a versatile and economical sealing product with excellent sealing properties for a wide range of applications such as leakage prevention or environmental encapsulation. It works as a corrosion barrier, vapor barrier, water stop or encapsulation agent. It has immediate adhesion to any dry surface such as steel, PE, PP, epoxy, polyurethane, PVC, etc. without roughening. It is strengthened by a fiber mesh that is imbedded in the middle of the material

Visotaq ViscoWrap allows economical and rapid installation in almost any situation above or below grade, including concrete structures, sewer lines and steel pipelines. Dispensed on a roll with 70 mil (1.8 mm) thickness, it is easy and safe to apply. No primers or solvents are involved, no heating is required, and there is no hardening time. A white polyester non-woven fiber top layer allows immediate painting or coating after installation. The material is storage stable (dry/cool) with an unlimited shelf life. It remains flexible even after decades.


Visotaq ViscoWrap (patent pending) is engineered for use in many water leak applications, offering long-term performance in commercial, residential, telecommunications, utilities, transportation, electrical, water, wastewater, agricultural, and industrial as well as others. Primary applications are sealing around rooftop vents, pipes, metal roof seams, flashings, residential and commercial roofing, EPM roofing, and cable entries, holes and voids, cracks, storage tanks, industrial pools, swimming pools, manholes, basements, floors, cable joints and repairs, and etc. It is also used in conjunction with other Amcorr Products such as Amcorr EZ Paste. It is a long-term solution for:

  • Prefab joints

  • Gravity fed pipes

  • Encapsulation of asbestos pipe, lead base paints, etc.

  • Manhole and I&I applications

  • Roof seal for penetrations, seams, cracks, transition

  • Pipe Crossings

  • Tank Chime

  • Seam sealant for exterior sheathing, insulation, sheet metal