Epi-Seal Seam Sealer by Glas Mesh, 2 pound kit

Epi-Seal Seam Sealer by Glas Mesh, 2 pound kit
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Epi-Seal Seam Sealer is a two component, fiberglass reinforced epoxy resin system most commonly used for bonding FRP 120 Spacers to steel pipe. It is also used for high efficiency repairs on welded, riveted, and bolted tank or vat seams and corrosion pits. Ideal for quickly repairing and making serviceable a wide variety of leaking tanks, vats or drums. Available off the shelf in 1 lb. or 2 lb. kit sizes. 


  • Seals leaking seams and rivets or bolts permanently.
  • Unaffected by fuel and crude oil, kerosene, gasoline, furnace oil, alkalides and mild acids.
  • Extremely tough, yet “gives” with tank expansion and contraction.
  • Excellent adhesion to clean, or sandblasted steel surfaces.
  • Good adhesion to most properly prepared surfaces.
  • Easy to mix and apply.
  • Will not drip or sag on vertical or overhead surfaces.
  • Cure can be accelerated by application of heat.