Easy Bond Pin Brazing System for Cathodic Protection by BAC

Easy Bond Pin Brazing System for Cathodic Protection by BAC
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BAC pin brazing weld action


Pin Brazing Application

Pin brazing is used to ensure a safe electrical connection to different types of steel structures. The pin brazing method is well suited for joints between pipes, connection to measuring cables, installation of sacrificial anodes, test posts and many other applications. More about the pin brazing process...

Fast and easy connection

Pin brazing of cables gives a safe and durable connection to a pipeline. The automated brazing takes only 1.5 to 2 seconds. Pin brazing is easy to use on site as well as in the workshop.

BAC pin brazing connections to sections of pipeline


Pin brazing for cathodic protection

When a cathodic protection system is applied to a pipeline with spigot and sleeve joints, these joints must be electrically bonded. To attach the electric cable connection over the joints, BAC pin brazing can be used. The brazing pins are brazed at both the spigot and sleeve ends of the pipe and the cable attached.

For pipes of ductile or cast-iron, threaded brazing pins are used. Then a prefabricated cable with nuts is fastened. For steel pipes, either threaded brazing pins with nuts are used, or the cable is brazed directly onto the pipe by means of a lug.

In a cathodic protection system, there are often a great number of connections for anode cables, test posts etc. The BAC pin brazing unit contains all the equipment and tools required to make safe cable connections.

The BAC pin brazing system can also use a welding generator as a power source in situations where a great many connections need to be made in one place such as pipe coating yards, lay barges etc.

Operational Notes: Lug Recommendation

  • When using a BAC direct braze pin, it is essential that a BAC cable lug be utilized for attachment of the cable to the structure. Other cable lugs will not work to provide a proper pin braze connection.

  • When using a BAC threaded braze pin, other commercial cable lugs can be utilized for attachment of the cable to the structure.

BAC Easy Bond pin brazing pins

Typical Brazing Pins

From left to right: Direct, M8, M10


  • Speed of Installation
    Around one minute per connection.

  • Low Temperature
    The low melting point of the solder (650°) and short heating time keep thermal effects on the steel to a minimum.

  • All-Weather
    Wind, rain and cold do not prevent the operator from working safely and effectively. Damp pipes pose no problem.

  • Safety
    No special equipment or precautions are needed for pin brazing operators.

  • Easy to Use
    The automated nature of the process means operators can be trained in less than one hour.

  • Versatile
    The portable nature of the equipment means that connections can be made in almost any location above or below ground, even overhead!