Digital Micrometer for Scratch Depth, 8400K, by J Chadwick Co.

Digital Micrometer for Scratch Depth, 8400K, by J Chadwick Co.
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The 8400K Digital Optical Micrometer is a unique coating and surface inspection tool that offers speed, precision, and repeatability. Scratch depth measurement used to be an art. With the 8400K, you can now do it in less than 20 seconds. This time-saving tool was designed specifically for measuring the width of scratches and vertical depth of surface features. "Visual inspection" is standard for any component with scratch or corrosion pit damage, and maximum allowances are often specified. Other methods of visual inspection are time consuming and inconclusive.

The 8400K lets you measure the width of scratches using the reticle eyepiece and vertical depth of surface features, usually to evaluate the severity of mechanical damage such as scratches, corrosion, pits or blemishes difficult to observe by other methods. Accurate measurement is essential to determine whether a part should be kept in service, and the 8400K brings remarkable precision and integrity to this judgment process.

The 8400K is designed for use in the field. The sealed, non-magnetic case is dustproof and shock-resistant to withstand everyday shop use.