Defender RG Sealing Gasket by Lamons

Defender RG Sealing Gasket by Lamons
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All piping gaskets are designed to operate at their optimum on flange faces that are clean, free from scratches and indentations, flat, not distorted and have a gramophone surface finish between 125µ.ins to 250µ.ins. (3.2µ.M to 6.3µ.M).

Flange faces which have been subjected to crevice type corrosion attack at, or around, the inner portion of the flange sealing faces can occur over a period of time. In many field applications, the flange surface condition cannot be assessed until the bolted connection has been decommissioned and an inspection has determined the suitability of the flanges to accept the same type of gasket that was initially installed.
Depending on the extent of the flange face damage, the corroded surface may have extended onto the surface where gasket sealing element is seated and simply installing another gasket offers no guarantee the connection will remain tight and leak-free once the flange is commissioned back into service. 

An assessment as to the suitabiliity of the flange surfaces has to be made in real-time with several options available:

  • Rebuild and machine the flange surface to a suitable condition.
  • Rebuild and repair the flange using an epoxy based composite material.
  • Replace the damaged flanges.
  • Use the same gasket and hope for the best”. 

    The Defender™ RG Sealing Gasket has been designed to offer a tight and high integrity sealing solution for use on flange faces that have been subjected to erosion, corrosion, chemical attack and abrasion without having to modify or re-work the flange faces.

    General Features

    • Can seal corroded flange faces without costly and time consuming flange rehabilitation.
    • Uses proven technology to solve specialized sealing problems.
    • No special tools or installation techniques required.
    • Twin-bolt location tabs allow for easy installation.
    • For flange isolation, contact factory.
    • S316 core is standard. Other steel core options are available upon request.

    • May be used for above ground or subsea applications.
    • High Pressure Flanges: 2500#, API 15K or PN420.

    • 1/2” through 24” diameter.
    • Available as “F” or “S” Type Gaskets.