Deep Well Anode Installation

Deep Well Anode Installation
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A deep well anode is a vertically drilled cathodic protection anode system.  These wells can range from depths of 100 to 500 feet in an attempt to find low resistance strata and groundwater.  An individual anode wire is brought to the surface and terminated in an anode junction box.  From there, a larger positive cable is routed to the cathodic protection rectifier for power.

We provide all the project materials and, as we own our own drilling equipment, we better control the work schedule as well as the quality of the system installation.  Our goal is to install a low resistance anode system that will provide excellent service and protection for many years. 

We can also assist you in planning for the deep well system installation.  There are many nuances that need addressing and our team of planning experts can be an excellent resource to ensure the anode system is installed properly and efficiently.

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