DCPro Switch-Mode Cathodic Protection Power Supply by Farwest Corrosion

DCPro Switch-Mode Cathodic Protection Power Supply by Farwest Corrosion
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The DCPro Cathodic Protection Power Supply is a durable, switch-mode power supply that provides clean, efficient DC power. With the look of a conventional rectifier, the DCPro requires no computer interface and no confusing menus to navigate. Engage the main breaker and turn the single control knob to adjust the current output.

A bright color display, readable in direct sun, presents both analog and digital output voltage and current output levels with a message window that can provide additional operational messages.

With the DCPro, no longer are very specific output ratings required to overcome output adjustment limitations.


  • Simple to Operate
  • AC & DC Surge Protection 
  • Lightweight  Component Chassis 
  • Highly Efficient Power Conversion
  • Fully Solid-state  "Switch-Mode" Operation
  • Pure DC Output
  • Constant Current Output Technology
  • Simple Output Adjustment
  • 12-volt DC Power Supply for RMU and Portable Interrupter
  • Maintains Constant DC Current Output
  • Analog & Digital Current Output Readings 
  • Built-in Interrupter Interface
  • Test points for cross-checking meter accuracy
  • Pre-wired  RMU Terminal Strip
  • Rejects Induced AC
  • Operates on any single-phase power from 115 to 240 VAC without primary tap changes
  • Operates up to 55 degrees C with over-temperature  protection
  • Dead-front Panel and Side Shields
  • Two Power Output Choices eliminate the need for exact power  output rating

Product Advantages

  • High operating efficiency of 80 to 90%
  • Pure DC power output with no AC ripple
  • Lightweight  construction
  • Built-in interrupt interface
  • Built-in RMU interface
  • Variable AC input without AC input tap changes
  • Analog and digital output and status display
  • Over-temperature sensors and protection
  • Built-in DC power supply for RMU & portable interrupter
  • Standard "Dead Front" safety panel
  • Constant current  output control, 0.1  amp steps
  • 115 VAC convenience outlet with GFI protection
  • Standard  AC &  DC surge protection
  • Standard RMU terminal strip
  • Standard 3-door aluminum enclosure
  • ETL Certified


 An industry leading three-year warranty provided from the date of purchase.