DC Amp Clips & Current Clamps by Swain Meter

DC Amp Clips & Current Clamps by Swain Meter
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80" diameter current clamp


MER2™ DC Amp Clips and Clamps are "Swain Sensors" which precisely detect the magnitude and direction of direct current flowing on magnetized conductors during normal operation without interrupting the circuit. Swain portable DC amp clips for cathodic protection above ground and sub sea are manufactured from ¾ to 6" in diameter. Swain clamps are two piece sensors manufactured from 6" to 54" in diameter. Larger clamps may be built upon request.Clamps are manufactured in 4 piece sections for sizes greater than 54".


  • MER2™ (Magnetic Error Reduction doubled) type DC Amp Clips are generally more accurate for measuring direct current with a non-contact sensor. They are constructed to reduce errors due to non-uniform magnetic fields common on steel pipe, near rebar, or near the battery in cars and trucks. Zero offset error is generally less than one quarter that of comparable standard Swain Meters.
  • Typical accuracy is ± 1% reading, ± 3 digits, ± He. User friendly 31/2 digit LCD meter with polarity & 1/2" high numerals.(He is zero offset sensitivity of the sensor to the earth's magnetic field. The earth field is uniform unless steel is close and distorts it. A strong magnet nearby can also cause zero offset.)
  • Protected from 300 A overload.