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Injectable casing fillers are used to prevent galvanic corrosion of a pipeline casing and the internal “carrier pipe”.  In addition, casing fillers prevent “resistive electrical shorts” caused by water intrusion between the casing and carrier pipe.  The fill material is a petrolatum based wax material that is either pumped hot or cold, depending on the product, into the annulus between the pipe and casing.  If installed properly, this solution can prevent a lifetime of issues.

As an alternative, soluble corrosion inhibitors can be used to protect the pipeline and casing.  Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI’s) are pumped into the casing annulus to prevent corrosion issues.  Typically a less costly solution, it is another tool in the fight to prevent corrosion issues inside of a pipeline casing.

Farwest is an experience installer of these systems and has the knowledge, experience, resources and tools to provide these services for you.