CanusaWrap by CANUSA-CPS

CanusaWrap by CANUSA-CPS
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Product Description

CanusaWrap™ by Canusa-CPS is a wraparound sleeve with a separate closure designed for corrosion protection of buried and exposed steel pipelines. CanusaWrap™ is supplied in bulk rolls consisting of a crosslinked polyolefin backing, coated with a protective heat activated adhesive. Once installed, the system effectively bonds and protects steel substrates and common main line pipe coatings including polyethylene and fusion bonded epoxy.

Features & Benefits

  • Long-Term Corrosion Protection: CanusaWrap™ provides excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment resulting in effective long-term corrosion protection. The high performance crosslinked backing, in combination with a broad range of adhesives, can be engineered for regular or high stress environments. Once installed, CanusaWrap™ provides the structural integrity of a seamless tube, and provides the substrate with durable protection against abrasion and chemical attack.

  • Flexibility on Job Site: Since CanusaWrap™ is supplied in bulk rolls, just-in-time customized lengths can be quickly cut in the field to protect any pipe size. This flexibility results in reduced inventories and cost savings on the job site. CanusaWrap™ is also available in a high shrink ratio for high profile joint protection.

  • Easy Field Installation: CanusaWrap™ can be installed quickly and easily in most environments. Since no special taping, priming or operator equipment is required, product installation is quick and labor costs are kept to a minimum. CanusaWrap™ and the closure seals are available in yellow with a thermochromic indicator and a patented Windoweld feature which visually confirms optimum installation.