Cadweld PLUS Electronic Ignition System by Erico Products

Cadweld PLUS Electronic Ignition System by Erico Products
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System Overview

The ultimate welded connection that will never loosen, corrode or increase in resistance just got BETTER.

CADWELD PLUS is the latest advancement in the continuing evolution of ERICO’s exothermic products. Since it’s development in 1938, CADWELD electrical connections have become recognized as the ultimate connection for rail, cathodic, power and grounding applications. ERICO has established itself as the worldwide conne

ctions leader. CADWELD PLUS continues this tradition of technical leadership.

The revolutionary CADWELD PLUS System is a simplified method of performing exothermically welded electrical connections. The CADWELD PLUS integrated weld metal package has streamlined the installation process by eliminating ignition materials – reducing set up time.

The tamper-proof, integrated weld metal package consists of a steel cup containing CADWELD patented weld metal alloys and ignition source. This new weld metal package is designed for use in all standard CADWELD molds. Once placed in the CADWELD mold, the weld metal is electronically ignited using a simple battery powered control unit with cable lead.


CADWELD® PLUS System Description

  • Consists of a tamper proof, disposable, moisture resistant weld metal cup. The weld metal, disk and ignition source are incorporated into the self-contained package.
  • Virtually unlimited shelf life.
  • Makes welds at distances of up to 6 ft / 1.8 meters/
  • Requires minimum components – no starting material, no disks, no flint igniters.
  • Easy to handle, store and transport – by air, land or sea in unlimited quantities.
  • Reduces installation time by 20%.
  • Has color-coded weld metal containers – by size and alloy type – for easy identification.
  • Has electronic ignition with a CE/UL battery powered controller box that is designed for 600 connections with one set of 8 standard AA batteries (included) – requiring no special batteries or chargers.
  • Designed for use in all standard CADWELD molds including CADWELD MULTI.


CADWELD® PLUS connections offer all the benefits of conventional CADWELD connections:

  • Withstands repeated fault currents without failing during operation.
  • Joins copper to copper, copper to galvanized or plain steel, copper to copper clad steel, copper to bronze/ brass/stainless steel, steel to steel, etc.
  • Current carrying capacity equal to that of the conductor.
  • Permanent, molecular bond that will not loosen or corrode, resulting in a connection with a lifetime equal to that of the installation.
  • No external power or heat source required.
  • Quality Assurance Inspection is easy and visual.
  • Minimal installation training required.
The CADWELD molecular bond will last the lifetime of the conductors.


Preheat the mod before useFinished weld



Integrated Weld Metal Package

Simplifies training and set up
Saves labor
Simplifies cleaning

Color Coded Weld Metal

Reduces risk of misapplication
Simple visual verification of correct weld metal size 

Electronic Control Unit

No starting material required
Easy ignition

Six Foot Control Unit Lead

Increased flexibility in hard to reach areas