Cable Splice Kit, Model TR 2, by Royston

Cable Splice Kit, Model TR 2, by Royston
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Royston Chase T/R 2 Cable Splice Kit

  • T/R 2 SPLICE MOLD – A two-piece, hard shell, easy-to-assemble, snap-together design.
  • FILL SPOUT – A large fill spout is centered over the cable splice for easy access filling to accommodate total emersion of the cable splice with TC 7025 Fast Set Epoxy.
  • NON-TIP SPLICE MOLD – The well balanced elliptical shaped mold is uniquely constructed to reduce tipping and spillage during filling.
  • T/R SEALING TAPE – This tape provides an aggressive seal at the SPLICE MOLD wire exits and is unaffected by the elevated temperatures of the curing epoxy.
  • TC 7025 FAST-SET EPOXY POUCH – A two-part, amine cured, high-flow liquid epoxy coating system in its own mixing pouch.


Splice Kit Contents

1 Emery Cloth
1 Two Piece Hard Shell Mold
1 Pouch of TC 7025 Fast Set Epoxy
3 Strips of T/R Sealing Tape

Splice Ratings

Maximum Voltage: 600 volts
Feeder Cable OD:  0.50″ (12.7 mm)
Branch Cable OD: 0.50″ (12.7 mm)
Conductor Size: Split Bolt 3/0 AWG (max)


  1. Using the Emery Cloth, rough up the plastic coating on the cable wire to prepare the splice for the Epoxy encasement. The Cable Splice and wiring should be clean, dry, and free of dust, dirt, grease and oil.
  2. Center the splice in the bottom section of the Mold.
  3. Place the top section of the Mold over the bottom and snap together. The fill spout should face up.
  4. Wrap the Sealing Tape over the three Mold wire exits, securely scaling the Mold until the Epoxy cures.
  5. Remove the Epoxy Pouch Clip that separates the Epoxy resin from the hardener. Mix the two-part Epoxy together in the pouch by squeezing the bag or using the Pouch Clip (about 2 minutes).
  6. Cut off a corner of the Pouch and slowly pour the mixed Epoxy into the Mold up to the top of the fill spout.
  7. Replace the cap on the Mold and allow the Epoxy to cure (approximately 15 minutes at 70°F ambient temperature).