Anti-Corrosion Wraps & Coatings by Royston

Anti-Corrosion Wraps & Coatings by Royston
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ROSKOTE A51 PLUS is a coal tar based mastic designed for protection of fabricated steel products. It shows excellent electrical resistance and can be used in petroleum saturated soils as well as above ground. ROSKOTE R28 is a rubberized asphalt coating. It is an economical, high performance coating designed to protect underground steel structures. Neither mastic requires a primer.


ROSKOTE 216 is a two-component urethane modified epoxy coating system designed to protect flange type couplings, welded steel joints, bolts, valves, ells/tee's, regulators, and other irregular surfaces. It is available in two cure types: 1) Regular cure, which has a pot life of 45 minutes and is ready for backfill in 3-4 hrs, and 2) Quick cure, which has a pot life of 15 minutes and is ready for backfill in 1 hour.


GREENLINE TAPE is a cold applied laminate of an elastomeric adhesive layer and a polyolefinic backing for protection of underground pipes and fittings. Exclusive self-sealing leading edge prevents spiral corrosion. Conformable under all climatic conditions. Used in conjunction with Roybond 747 Primer, it produces a formidable weapon against corrosion.


TAC-TAPE is a soft, tacky, moldable, unbacked elastomeric tape with high electrical resistivity and exceptional adhesive and cohesive properties. It is resistant to moisture and weathering, and maintains flexibility into sub-zero temperatures.


HANDY CAP is a 4" x 4" prefabricated assembly specially designed for cathodic protection of leads to pipes and tanks. When pressed by hand into position over the anode lead wire, it forms a thick, highly resistant electrical insulation seal over the weld, the end of the lead wire and the surrounding area of the pipe or tank. The 4" x 4" HANDY CAP IP™ and 5" X 5" HANDY CAP XL IP™ include and integrated primer (IP).


SPLICE RIGHT is designed for use on cathodic protection wire splices. Its moldable components are over-wrapped with a resin impregnated bandage, which moisture cures to a hard shell. One size fits all. Cold temperatures have little effect on the installation.


PATCH RIGHT is an economical, permanent sealing system for repairing low pressure (3 psi) gas leaks. The system utilizes a three-wrap method: 1) Soft moldable putty; 2) strong 60 mil neoprene backed tape; 3) moisture cured urethane bandage for outstanding mechanical protection. It allows the field installer the flexibility to repair multiple leak areas as well as a single leak. It saves the expense of maintaining a large inventory of various sized leak clamps.


The GREENLINE HANDIKIT contains a 20-foot roll of 2-inch Greenline Tape and a 6-ounce aerosol can of Royston Roybond 747 Primer. The kit is perfect for small jobs like wrapping service T's or fittings.


ROYFILL 406 is a petrolatum-based corrosion resistant compound used to fill the annular space between the pipe and the casing which surrounds it. The corrosion inhibitors pre-blended in 406 permanently remain in the material to protect the pipe. The product is delivered and installed hot from our tanker. Please call for quotations.


ROYFILL 404B is a petrolatum-based compound for filling the annular space between the pipe and its casing. The material is pre-blended with a corrosion inhibitor and formulated for controlled viscosity. It can be pumped from its drum in cold weather and resists flow at moderately elevated temperatures.