AnodeFlex Splice Kits for 1500 Linear Anode System

AnodeFlex Splice Kits for 1500 Linear Anode System
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Product Description

The AnodeFlex 1500 In-Line Splice Kit is designed to connect together two AnodeFlex 1500 anode
 strands to a lead wire.

The heat-shrinkable tubing, sealant and accessories, have been specifically designed to environmentally protect the electrical connection in direct burial soil applications during the whole anode life.

The long term performance of AnodeFlex 1500 is conditional upon keeping the base copper conductor and electrical connection isolated from water. Only AnodeFlex splice kits are recommended for any connection to AnodeFlex 1500. The sealing performance has been tested for over 5 years of real time accelerated tests. Our field and lifetime experience with this product now exceeds 20 years.

The heat-shrinkable components are made of a radiation-crosslinked polymer. The cable and anode are wrapped with mastic, which flows when heated to ensure a very tight seal. When the sleeve is heated with a torch, or a heat gun, it shrinks tightly around the anode. Once installed, the In-Line Splice kit withstands the normal wear and tear of a construction environment and is extremely corrosion resistant. Impact, internal pressure and penetration resistance have all been tested following the telecommunication requirements for telephone cable splices. The installation is easy and can be completed in few minutes by a trained technician.

Contents of AnodeFlex 1500 In-Line Splice Kit



1 each
1 each
1 each
1 each
1 each
1 each

Installation instructions.
Abrasion paper to clean the conductive polymer surface.
Chlorine and low pH resistant tie wraps to contain coke within fabric.
Aluminum tape covered with adhesive for use as thermal protection
of AnodeFlex fabrics during installation.
Electrical grade sealing mastic.
Uncoated heat shrinkable tubing to cover, seal and reinforce splice.

Typical Kit Component Dimensions for AnodeFlex 1500 In-Line Splice


Type dimension

Requirement in mm (in)

Abrasion paper

Width x Length

50 x 150 mm (1.97" x 5.90")

Tie wraps


170 mm (6.69") min.

Aluminum tape

Width x Length

50 x 150 mm (1.97" x 5.90")

Sealing mastic strip

Width x thickness x length

50 x 3 x 600 mm
(1.97" x 0.12" x 23.62")

Heat shrinkable tubing


400 ± 10 mm (15.75" ± 0.39")

Inside diameter supplied

50 mm (1.97") min.

Inside diameter recovered

16 mm (0.63") max.

Wall thickness recovered

2 mm (0.079") min.

Typical Kit Component Dimensions for AnodeFlex 1500 In-Line Splice

Internal pressure resistance
External pressure resistance
Corrosion Resistance

23°C, 1 Bar, 24 hrs
23°C, 10 Bar, 24 hrs
23°C, 100 Nm, blunt blade
23°C, 72 hrs, needle
dia. 18 mm, 2.5 kg

No leakage
No water ingress
Pass with 25 kV
Pass with 25 kV