AnodeFlex 3000-Ti Series Linear Anode System by Farwest Corrosion

AnodeFlex 3000-Ti Series Linear Anode System by Farwest Corrosion
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Anodeflex 3000 Series products are impressed-current, long-line flexible anodes for cathodic protection of buried pipelines, in-plant piping and of on-grade or buried storage tanks. Anodeflex 3000 products include an MMO wire connected at fixed distances to a central dual-insulated copper conductor cable to deliver cathodic current without incurring substantial longitudinal voltage drop. The manufacturing process centers the anode in a tightly packed fill material, all packaged in a synthetic jacket and protective braiding.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Anode is in close proximity to the pipeline
  • Distributes current uniformly over total length of pipeline

No Over/under Protection

  • Prevents accelerated coating disbondment
  • More effective & economical than a series of "discrete" anodes
  • Independent of variations in soil resistivity

Pipeline Rehabilitation Without Excavation

  • A fraction of the cost of pipeline recoating
  • No loss of revenue or supply interruptions
  • No safety issues associated with working on live pipelines

Long, Continuous Circuit Lengths

  • Fewer joints as compared to conventional anode systems
  • Low maintenance costs

Avoid Interference & Stray Current Issues

  • Enchances long-term performance
  • Focuses current on the target structure
  • Improves protection and cost efficiency 

Prepackaged Carbon Backfill

  • Loresco SC-3 utilized
  • Ensures low resistance ground bed
  • Ensures the anode is centered
  • Simplifies field installation

Installation with Standard Cable Laying Equipment

  • Fast and cost effective