AnodeFlex 3000-Cu Series Linear Anode System by Farwest Corrosion

AnodeFlex 3000-Cu Series Linear Anode System by Farwest Corrosion
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AnodeFlex 3000 is a long-life, flexible, wire anode, which can be placed remote to the target structure. Greater current output can be achieved on applications where close proximity anode groundbeds do not work.

Key to the product's performance is the central, copper-core mixed metal oxide anode. The anode is powered by a # 8 AWG copper cable insulated with an inner layer of halar and outer layer of high molecular weight polyethylene. The unique construction of the anode and copper cable allows high current output with protection against low pH and chlorine attack.

AnodeFlex 3000 can be placed remote to the steel surface to be protected, thereby maintaining the steel-to-soil "instant-off" potential in the required window of -850 mV (-950 mV if SRB's present) and -1200 mV.

The central MMO wire and cable are surrounded by factory prepackaged, high-conductivity coke breeze, held in place by a porous, woven acid-resistant jacket. This arrangement avoids handling loose coke breeze and simplifies field installation. The improved current distribution increases anode efficiency and maintains a low resistance groundbed. On poorly coated pipelines where optimal polarization can no longer be achieved, AnodeFlex 3000 can often be installed as an alternative to expensive recoating. Both on single and multi-parallel pipelines, safe levels of polarization will be restored at every point. The system avoids difficult and costly field recoating and greatly reduces environmental disturbance.

Anode Flex 3000-01 is delivered on long length spools. Because no additional coke breeze is required, the installation is as simple as laying a low -voltage power cable. Proven heat-shrinkable splice kits, with tee splices and end sealing caps, are available to complete any installation design.


Product Features / Benefits

  • Anode can be remote to the pipeline
    Distributes current uniformly over total length.
    No over- or under-protected areas.
    Prevents accelerated coating disbondment.
    More effective and economical than a series of discrete anodes.

  • Pipeline Rehabilitation without Excavation
    A fraction of the cost of recoating.
    Environmentally friendly.
    No loss of revenue or supply interruptions.
    No safety problems associated with working on live lines.
    Far quicker, up to 1.25 miles (2 km) laying speed per day.

  • Long continuous circuit lengths
    67% fewer joints compared to conventional anode systems.
    Lower maintenance cost.

  • Flexible under tank bottom design
    Directional drill with no PVC, no backfill.
    Tight bend radius.
    Driving voltage is lower than conventional MMO.

  • Pre-packaged coke breeze
    Simplifies field installation.
    Installation with standard cable laying equipment.
    Fast, easy & cost effective.