Anode Sled Systems for Offshore Structures by Farwest Corrosion

Anode Sled Systems for Offshore Structures by Farwest Corrosion
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Anode sled systems are made to provide cathodic protection solutions to many types of offshore structures such as platforms, piers, wharfs, pilings or even pipelines. Designed for each application, a sled usually consists of either impressed current or sacrificial anodes, a mounting base or platform, cable, cable connections, lifting eyes and other important hardware.

Most importantantly, anode sleds are designed and assembled to meet specific design criteria and environmental conditions, which can vary greatly depending on the physical location and application.  Depending on the project, the sled can be required to provide hundreds of amps and withstand difficult environments.  Therefore, a conservative design is usually employed to account for these changes. so a one-size-fits-all approach is not practical in these cases.

The anodes employed on sleds can vary as well.  For impressed current sleds, we typically use platinum, MMO, or cast iron anodes depending on the current discharge requirements and other design criteria.  In some cases, however, sacrificial aluminum anodes are employed for less demanding situations.  

In either case, Farwest ensures that all design needs are taken into account and then custom builds the sleds to meet those requirements.  Often this means dual cable leads, heavy duty hardware and even "extensions" to raise the anodes off the sea floor.

Farwest provides all the services and solutions to provide custom-made anodes sleds including engineering, design, supply and complete fabrication.  Please contact us for further details and information about the sleds.