ActivPak Diffusers by Zerust

ActivPak Diffusers by Zerust
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Zerust ActivPak packets are easy-to-use diffusers that provide targeted corrosion protection. They work in minutes to prevent flash corrosion on bare metal surfaces in an enclosed space. ActivPak packets provide long-term corrosion protection for ferrous metals and are compatible with aluminum.

*Do not place in direct contact with copper or brass 


Product Name
Normal Environment*Aggressive Environment*
Volume of ProtectionDuration of Protection
(up to)
Volume of Protection

Duration of Protection 
(up to)

ActivTab (LS)-250.25 ft3 (0.0074 m3)6 months0.025 ft3 (0.0007 m3)15 days
ActivCapsule FAC1-1s4 ft3 (0.12 m3)1 year0.35 ft3 (0.01 m3)1 month
ActivPak (LS)-T3305 ft3 (0.15 m3)1 year2 ft3 (0.05 m3)2 months
ActivPak(LS)-3316 ft3 (0.45 m3)1 year5 ft3 (0.15 m3)2 months
ActivPak(LS)-T35026 ft3 (0.75 m3)1 year7 ft3 (0.2 m3)2 months
ActivPak(LS)-3535 ft3 (1 m3)1 year11 ft3 (0.2 m3)2 months
ActivPak-T3305 ft3 (0.15 m3)2 years2 ft3 (0.05 m3)4 months
ActivPak-3316 ft3 (0.45 m3)2 years5 ft3 (0.15 m3)4 months
ActivPak-T35026 ft3 (0.75 m3)2 years7 ft3 (0.2 m3)4 months
ActivPak-3535 ft3 (1 m3)2 years11 ft3 (0.3 m3)4 months


Sold individually bagged in cases of 10, 50, 100, and multiples of 100.

Protection Type: 
Ferrous metal protection and some types of aluminum. Do not place in direct contact with copper or brass and test before use.

Protection Life: 
Will protect metals for 2 years when positioned properly in an enclosure. Limit air exchange within the enclosure to maximize the protection life.