AC Mitigation System Installation

AC Mitigation System Installation
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When a pipeline is installed in or crosses an AC power corridor, the induced AC power from the power lines can cause a serious corrosion issue on a pipeline in the vicinity of the power line.  To prevent AC corrosion, a mitigation system is installed that directs the induced AC power to ground and safely away from the pipeline.

While there are a number of system designs, many pipeline companies employ the use of a linear grounding system installed parallel to the pipeline.  Vertical grounding systems can also be used for AC mitigation purposes depending on the customers need and the system parameters.

In addition, grounding mats are employed around aboveground pipeline structures to protect personnel from safety issues caused by “step-touch” voltage differentials.  These inexpensive mats, used in conjunction with decouplers, provide a safe work area for pipeline workers.

Farwest provides this service along with the supply and installation of accessory items such as solid-state decouplers (SSD’s), test stations and many other associated products.